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Flame Asian Games, Unbridled shop | Snow Eagle brand appeared in Ningbo sports consumption Festival

2023-09-12 08:33:31

On the evening of April 16, the launch ceremony of 2023 Heat Ningbo · Sports Consumption Festival was officially held in Ningbo Tianyi Square.

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From April 14 to 16, the heat Ningbo Sports Fashion Monthly offline activity was held for three consecutive days in Ningbo Tianyi Square, which is also the first station of this year's heat Ningbo Sports Consumption Festival - Haishu Station activity. During the activity, the daily traffic of Tianyi Square exceeded 300,000 people, and the heat was high.

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A series of fashion sports such as Frisbee, yoga, archery, baseball and other sports areas were set up at the scene, and major sports fashion brands were gathered. Snow Eagle brand was invited to appear in this heat Ningbo Sports Consumption Festival.

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Zhu Huan, Deputy mayor of Ningbo City, Zhang Ni, Director of Ningbo Sports Bureau, and other leaders of the cultural tourism and sports bureau of various counties visited the Snow Eagle brand exhibition area, attaching great importance to the development concept of Snow Eagle brand, and praising the innovative spirit of leading and promoting the sports industry.

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Love sports. Love Snow Eagle.