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Boost world sports|Snow Eagle appeared in the top competition (Ninghai cross-country race)

2023-09-11 10:48:57

ULTRA TRAIL® NINGHAI by UTMB 2023 was successfully held in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province from April 14 to 16.

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This cross-country event was born in 2013, from the first only 79 people to thousands of people now participate, the development has begun to take shape. In 2023, Ninghai Cross Country officially joined the Tour de Mont Blanc World Series (UTMB World Series) as one of its 35 races worldwide.

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There are four categories of UTNH105km, CNH60km, YNH25km and MNH12km, which will start in turn according to the time set by the organizing committee before the race.

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Four routes

Cross-country is to go to the mountains and seas with your feet, to discover the world and know yourself from a new perspective. And in Ninghai, maintain the pure ecology of 500 kilometers of hiking trails, beautiful peaks, streams and fields, mountain trails... The natural scenery full of original ecology makes the trail running track full of surprises.

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Snow Eagle brand was invited to participate in the outdoor goods market of the 2023 Ninghai Cross-Country Race, together with international professional outdoor brands such as HOKA, LEKI, CamelBak and SKINS to boost this grand event.

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Love sports. Love Snow Eagle.