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2023 Good Beginning | Snow Eagle was elected as the governing unit of Zhejiang Sports Industry Federation

2023-09-08 09:22:04

On February 16, the fourth Council expansion meeting of the third session of the Zhejiang Sports Industry Federation and the Summit Forum on Sports revitalization of rural areas were held in Hangzhou, which is a moment of glory for sports enterprises in Zhejiang Province! More than 200 enterprises gathered together to discuss the development of the sports industry.

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Jacky Yuan, Director of Snow Eagle Company, made a speech on the stage, explaining that under the new situation of "national fitness" and upholding the brand concept of "Snow Eagle International, boosting world sports", the company began to build the brand of "Snow Eagle Sports", enabling adolescents to grow up with high-quality sports content services for youth sports training, public sports fitness, enterprises and institutions as well as international events and cultural and sports activities. Promote the high-quality development of sports.In this exclusive event of sports enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Ningbo Snow Eagle sports equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was promoted to director unit.

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Joining the Zhejiang industry family is a new round of great development, great leap and great promotion for Snow Eagle company. Snow Eagle sports will strengthen exchanges with colleagues in the sports industry, go hand in hand, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the sports industry in Zhejiang.


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